Tea Review: Green Mixed Fruit


Brand: Basilur
Wesbite: www.basilurtea.com, www.basilurtea.co.nz
Tea: Green, loose leaf
Flavour: The Book Collection, Tea Book Volume III (fruit)
Cost: NZ$30 for the tin, NZ$22 for the soft pack.
Ingredients: Green tea, strawberry, cranberry, and flavours: melon cantaloupe, passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, cream.


Basilur has some unique tea tins among their various collections. When it comes to their packaging for this particular tea, you have the option of a 100g branded book shaped filigree tin, or 100g cardboard box pack. I chose the tin. The tea is presented inside the tin in an airtight resealable bag, which has tea stories and Basilur brand information printed on each side like the inside of a book. Upon initial inspection this green fruit tea has good leaf quality with large delicately twisted leaves. This blend has a very attractive aesthetic, with pieces of dried strawberry and cranberry scattered tastefully throughout.

Green Ceylon mixed fruit 1.jpg

Ethical features:

100% pure Ceylon tea. No estate specified, and no ethical sourcing or packaging.


The initial packet aroma smells strong with the token bold savoury green Ceylon aroma accompanying its familiar astringency introducing a blend of fruit notes with strawberry on top, as its aesthetic promises. Water is added and the liquor settles to a smooth golden hue. With Ceylon green it is paramount to not let it steep for longer than the recommended 2 minutes, in order to prevent the brew giving way to overbearing soured astringency. The steeped aroma has notes of sweet fruit and its savoury green Ceylon base. There is moderate to strong astringency, which is expected and not unpleasant.


Brew time: 2 minutes, no more.
The leaves untwist and expand in the infuser quickly during brew time. The first cup is poured. It is strong in both savoury and sweet areas, and has a nice golden coloured liquor. Overall this is very sweet, and prominent sharp astringency leads the notes to you with complementary sweet strawberry and cranberry tones which fill the palate, as green Ceylon leaf blends characteristically present. Cup remains are minimal, slightly grainy.


The Verdict:

A Ceylon green in my opinion is an acquired taste, as a green savoury flavour is not always favourable. As I mentioned before, it is always important to only brew Ceylon green teas for two minutes and no more, or else you are guaranteed to have a noticeable soured astringency and the flavours within the blend changing on you – and not for the better. This Basilur Green Mixed Fruit blend is strong, but blended well, and if you like savoury greens with a bit of sweetness then this will be one for you.

Rating: 6/10, Not my favourite, but a decent strong and savoury fruit Ceylon infusion.


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