Tea Reviews 101

Tea reviews on this blog are written by yours truly, Elizabeth Ann. I have spent the last 12 years with a passion for all things tea, developing my palate and growing my personal collection along the way. I have experimented hands on with many aspects of tea including growing and curing my own tea leaves, to investigating tea history, tea health benefits and tea ethics within the industry, to exploring my own palate in order to better understand tea tasting notes, to upcycling teaware and everything between.

The desire to review tea definitely comes from my undying passion of all things tea, and a longing to share my knowledge with others. Part of my desire to document my thoughts around tea also comes from a place of frustration, feeling that reviews available online is often based solely on feeling, lacking a balance between that and the amount of technical and helpful information I would prefer to see that translates well online. My reviews will always be written as thoroughly as possible, with honesty, curiosity, integrity, genuine passion, and a desire to both educate and inspire my readers being paramount.

All content for The Lucid Thread, inclusive of photos, words, sewing and designs are 100% my own.

Discussion and questions are encouraged within my blog so please feel free to share your thoughts with me and your fellow readers.



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